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One of the main reasons I signed up for on-demand training was to allow me to take training at my own pace, at my convenience. While taking the training, I was able to also participate at my regular job, although be it at a lower intensity. The content of the course was clear. If I had any questions, I had a coach to which to submit questions. All the examples presented in the class were available to me for additional practice and experimentation. I'm very satisfied with the course and the method of course delivery.
– Connie S., TX

The trainer on the videos was very good at explaining the course material as well as keeping things moving at a good pace. Very easy to follow.
– Sandra E., FL

Thanks. I've read other books on C# and always get the same old info with the same old stupid basic exercises. This course and videos give you so much info that you don't normally get. I don't ever remember seeing a section telling you about the config files. And you don't usually do libraries until close to the end of most books. This is great stuff.
– John D., CA

This was my first on-demand streaming course and I was very pleased with the results upon completing. The instructor seemed very knowledgeable and the pace of the courses were good. With on-demand streaming, it was a nice option to just start a module over as a review. For those with busy schedules this would be a great option.
– Bob L., KS

I thought the course was very good. The instructor in the video explained things well. The exercises were aligned nicely with each lesson being taught.
– David M., MA

Both my instructor and on-demand training manager were very helpful. The streaming and lab machine worked very well. The instructor was very willing to answer any questions that I had. Very happy.
– Catherine S., OH

I loved the course and I appreciate your tremendous efforts behind the course materials and lab exercises.
– Swapan S., CT

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