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2-course program: $1,800 3-course program: $2,700 4-course program: $3,600

The Mobile Application Developer certificate program provides multi-device coverage for Android™ applications as well as iPad®/iPhone® applications using Swift. This program focuses on the skills needed to code applications for Android and iPhone environments. Coverage begins by setting up the Android IDE to develop and test Android apps for smartphones and tablets. Android-specific topics include using standard widgets such as buttons, checkboxes, lists, date/time pickers and images. Additionally, you will learn to develop native applications for iPhone with Swift using the Xcode interface.  Throughout the course, you will work with the Apple's Cocoa Touch UI Framework and examine how to implement Apple's delegate design pattern which is used in many APIs. Optional courses include Objective-C and Microsoft’s cross-platform Xamarin programming environment.

Online learning gives you the flexibility to plan study time around the rest of your day. Our programs combine video, hands-on lab exercises and one-on-one facilitation to enable you to learn as your schedule allows. Labs are performed via remote access to a dedicated lab machine (unless a student requests to utilize their own equipment). Our unique commitment to student success includes a personal instructor to assure that your courses are completed on time and with full understanding of both the lecture content and the lab exercises.

Click the Curriculum tab below for detailed pdfs about each course in the program. Each course pdf contains a description of the course as well as a course overview outlining all the topics covered in the course.

Course Advisors are available at 978.256.9077 to answer any questions you may have.

  • Setting up the Android IDE to develop and test Android apps for smartphones and tablets
  • Creating and deploying Android apps that use standard widgets such as buttons, checkboxes, lists, date/time pickers, images and more
  • Accepting keyboard input, as well as respond to screen taps, long taps and swipes
  • Managing the lifecycle of an app, including when it's interrupted by a phone call
  • Embedding SQLite databases in apps for persistent storage
  • Displaying pop-up messages and notifications
  • Packaging and deploying apps to phones and tablets
  • Writing code using the Swift programming language
  • Creating object-oriented apps
  • Designing model-view-controller applications
  • Responding to user interactions
  • Persisting data in .plist files
  • Making calls to RESTful APIs to send and receive data
  • Persisting data using Core Data
  • Implementing good code design practices
  • Creating adaptive user interfaces for multiple iOS devices

Students who do not have any programming experience may attend the introductory Learning to Program with Java course at no additional cost.

Required Courses Duration PDF
Android™ Application Development 35 hours
Swift Programming for iPhone® and iPad® Applications 35 hours

Optional courses can be added to the base certificate track for an additional $900 each.

Optional Courses Duration PDF
iOS Programming for iPhone® and iPad® Applications Using Objective-C 35 hours
Xamarin Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development 35 hours
  • A personal facilitator is assigned to you for each course, assisting with questions or issues that arise during your training.
  • You receive electronic copies of the student and lab guides.
  • You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of class.
  • There are no registration fees or cancellation fees.


Once we receive your enrollment one of our Registrars will call you to confirm. Payment is due prior to the start of your first course. For multi-course certificate programs you can either pay in full or individually before the start of each course.

  • You receive electronic copies of the student and lab guides.
  • Logins will be sent to you for the lecture and lab portion of class.
  • An instructor will be assigned to you to help answer any questions regarding the class.

About Our Online Training Platform

  • Courses are designed to be a combination of lecture and comprehensive problem solving lab exercises
  • You are provided login credentials to view the course on any device whether it be a phone, tablet or computer
  • Lab exercises are performed via a dedicated lab machine
  • An instructor is assigned to assist you in completing lab exercises and to help with any questions about the course content
  • Our support team provides you with course selection guidance, personal course setup assistance and technical support
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