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Browse our comprehensive list of all course offerings, and contact us to develop a custom curriculum for your interests.

Below is a full listing of all courses offered by Bright Star Institute. If none of our recommended Certificate Program curricula meet your specific IT and programming interests, we can work with you to develop a custom training package.

Contact us to let us know which courses you are interested in taking, and an advisor will work with you to determine your experience level and if additional prerequisite training is needed for your desired courses. Simply fill out our Contact form, choose "Other" for the Program of Interest, and mention in the Comments section what courses you would be interested in for a custom training program. A curriculum advisor will follow up with you afterward.

Bright Star Course List (Alphabetized)

Course Name Duration PDF
Analyzing and Presenting Data with Power BI 60 hours
ASP.NET MVC Programming for Experienced C# Programmers 60 hours
C Programming 90 hours
C++ Programming for C Programmers 75 hours
C++ Programming for Non-C Programmers 90 hours
Developing Web Applications Using Angular 90 hours
Introduction to ASP.NET Core MVC 75 hours
Introduction to Programming Concepts 15 hours
Introduction to Spring 5, Spring Boot and Spring REST 90 hours
Java Programming 90 hours
JavaScript Programming 90 hours
Learning to Program with C# 90 hours
Learning to Program with Java 90 hours
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Administration 90 hours
Microsoft Transact-SQL Programming 90 hours
Python Programming 75 hours
SQL Programming 60 hours
SQL Server 2019 Business Intelligence: Integration Services and Analysis Services 90 hours
SQL Server 2019 Reporting Services 60 hours
Test Driven Development (TDD), and Refactoring Legacy Code Using C# 75 hours
Test Driven Development (TDD), and Refactoring Legacy Code Using Java 75 hours
Website Development with HTML5, CSS and Bootstrap 75 hours
Windows Forms Programming Using C# 90 hours

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