Customer Support & Relations Management

Develop the communication and problem solving skills needed for success in a wide variety of job positions.

1-course program: $1,400

Good customer support skills are important in many job positions. Customer Service representatives need to interpret customer concerns or complaints and provide resolutions, Technical Support reps need to identify and troubleshoot issues with clients, and advanced consultants and implementation specialists need to work with clients to gather requirements and advise them with options for solutions to the client's issues. This Customer Support & Relations Management certificate program will cover many of the skills necessary to help solve problems for customers.

In addition to covering "soft skills" such as critical thinking, time management, and general understanding of the sales process, during the program students will also spend a significant amount of course time learning about and working with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, to gain practical experience with real customer management software so that they will be more confident and productive when they need to use similar software in their future jobs. CRM is an integral part of any medium to large size organization, and students will spend time configuring various functionality in HubSpot CRM software such as ticketing systems, knowledge bases, customer feedback surveys, and analytics reports, to gain familiarity with how these systems work.

The course also includes 40 hours of practical field work, in which the student can observe and participate in actual support situations. Students will be given the opportunity to experience real world business protocol training at corporations with different CRM systems. This will include training in authentic business environments, while learning different types of help desk and customer service communication procedures. Students will learn how to analyze and identify problems, and then will be taught how to propose one or more solutions in a variety of industries. Putting concept into practice is always a valuable component in the learning process, and being able to apply what they've studied during class and encountering unexpected situations and resolving them in a managed environment will better prepare students for future scenarios in their ensuing workplaces.

Customer Support Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the Customer Support & Relations Management program, students will be well-prepared for Customer Service & Customer Support job roles that do not require technical subject matter knowledge. If a student wishes to pursue other career paths other than Customer Service, the skills learned from this certificate program are still applicable to a wide range of customer-facing jobs in the workplace. Salespeople, for example, use CRM software to manage many aspects of their sales process from start (prospecting) to finish (closing of a sale).

For students that wish to pursue technical support and advanced technical support careers, students are recommended to enroll in either of the Python Programmer or Java Developer certificate programs, after completing this Customer Support program. Graduates of those programs will have the flexibility to pursue advanced technical support careers, thanks to their toolkit of programming knowledge and database querying capability.

At Bright Star, we are happy to find out your personal career goals, and to discuss your personal situation to determine which Customer Support or Programming certificate programs are a good fit for you. Course Advisors are available at 302.335.8868 to answer any questions you may have, or you may request information here.

Program Overview

  • Understanding Customer Support Competencies
  • Framework of a Support Case
  • Initial configuration of CRM software
  • Working with various modules and functionalities of CRM
  • Understanding the Sales process for businesses
  • Prospecting with CRM
  • Guiding Customers to Good Outcomes
  • Foundations of Critical Thinking
  • Strategic Decision Making


Required Courses Duration PDF
Customer Support & Relations Management 102 hours

Getting Started

Feel free to call us to discuss your desired curriculum – one of our advisors will be happy to discuss your training objectives and confirm that your goals and selected courses align. Your advisor will assist you in customizing the appropriate track to your personal situation.

After enrollment and speaking to your advisor, payment can be made anytime prior to your chosen start date for your first course. For multi-course certificate programs, you may pay for each course as you start it (pay as you go). Financing is also available.

  • You will receive electronic copies of the student and lab guides.
  • Login credentials will be sent to you for the lecture portions and lab portions of class.
  • A personal facilitator will be assigned to you for each course, assisting with questions or lab issues that arise during your training.
  • You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of class.
  • There are no registration fees or cancellation fees.


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