C / C++ Programmer Certificate

Learn C and C++ programming online and on-demand with personal facilitation to get the skills needed to succeed.

2-course track: $2,400

The C / C++ Programmer certificate program focuses on the skills needed to become a competent C or C++ developer, and provides comprehensive coverage of the C and C++ languages and foundational C/C++ topics that help develop skills applicable to real-world settings. In the C Programming course, students are introduced to fundamental data types, flow control, standard function libraries as well as coverage of structured programming constructs and varargs functions. The C++ course introduces core object oriented programming concepts including inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism. C++ syntax and style are taught in the context of using object-oriented methods to achieve reusability, adaptability and reliability. Students can perform hands-on labs utilizing Microsoft Visual Studio or a UNIX-based environment if desired.

Unlike most of Bright Star's other certificate programs, the C / C++ Programmer certificate program expects that students already have some basic prior programming experience, whether in C or any other programming language. For students that do not have any prior programming experience, we have many other programs that are suitable for students who have no prior coding experience.

Comprehensive hands-on exercises are provided throughout the C and C++ courses to reinforce learning and develop real competency. A personal facilitator is assigned to you at the start of each course. Your personal facilitator is an instructor who is available to answer questions, assist with any issues that arise, and mentor you through the program to assure success.

Upon completion of this program, students will have developed an appropriate knowledge base and hands-on development experience to pursue an entry-level C programmer or C++ developer position in the workforce. The C and C++ skills picked up during the on-demand certificate program also provide a solid foundation of knowledge for the C Programming Language Certified Associate and C++ Certified Associate Programmer exams, if a student wishes to pursue certification.

Our personally facilitated on-demand learning environment gives students the ability to work within their schedule and learn at their own pace to ensure a thorough understanding of C and C++. The C / C++ certificate program includes streaming lectures, extensive hands-on lab exercises and one-on-one facilitation to assure successful completion. Bright Star's unique approach to student success includes a personal C language instructor to assure that student courses are completed on time and with a solid understanding of the content. Each student has a dedicated workstation loaded with the software required for exercises. We do not use simulation software or “canned” labs. Learn more about our on-demand training here.

C and C++ Programmer Career Opportunities

C and C++ are general-purpose coding languages, meaning students that complete the C / C++ Programmer certificate program will have many opportunities and options for employment as a programmer with their newly acquired skillset. As previously mentioned, students may opt to take professional exams such as the C Programming Language Certified Associate and C++ Certified Associate Programmer exams to further their credentials. Students pursuing entry-level work can expect to be compensated well and earn between $44,000 - $70,000 yearly when first starting out in a junior developer role. Individuals that continue to improve their C programming skills and knowledge base can expect to earn significantly more in their midcareer - over $100,000 annually on average. Our on-demand and personally facilitated C / C++ Programmer certificate program is a strong self-investment that can lead to a rewarding career as a software developer.

At Bright Star, we're committed to delivering true competence in IT and programming skills so that students will succeed in the workplace. Call 302.335.8868 to discuss your education goals with a Curriculum Advisor and to have any of your questions answered. You may also request information here or browse all our other certificate programs here.

Program Overview

  • C Language basics and development environment
  • Fundamental data types, storage classes and scope
  • Using Operators and expressions
  • Flow control constructs
  • Basic character and formatted I/O
  • Using C functions, arrays, strings and character manipulation
  • Accessing Command Line Arguments and environment variables
  • C Runtime Library Standard I/O functions
  • Writing software using C++
  • Defining your own types (classes) to extending the functionality of C++
  • Writing robust software that handles problems at run-time using exception handling
  • Writing C programs that make use of the Standard Template Library
  • Creating generic classes and functions that may be reused without modification


Note: Students enrolling in the C / C++ Programmer certificate program are expected to already have basic previous coding experience in any programming language. For students that have no prior programming experience at all, Bright Star has numerous other certificate programs that are suitable for those without any previous coding experience.

Required Courses Duration PDF
C Programming 53 hours
C++ Programming for C Programmers 42 hours

Getting Started

Feel free to call us to discuss your desired curriculum – one of our advisors will be happy to discuss your training objectives and confirm that your goals and selected courses align. Your advisor will assist you in customizing the appropriate track to your personal situation.

After enrollment and speaking to your advisor, payment can be made anytime prior to your chosen start date for your first course. For multi-course certificate programs, you may pay for each course as you start it (pay as you go). Financing is also available.

  • You will receive electronic copies of the student and lab guides.
  • Login credentials will be sent to you for the lecture portions and lab portions of class.
  • A personal facilitator will be assigned to you for each course, assisting with questions or lab issues that arise during your training.
  • You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of class.
  • There are no registration fees or cancellation fees.


About Our Online Training Platform

  • Courses are designed to be a combination of lecture and comprehensive problem solving lab exercises
  • You are provided login credentials to view the course on any device whether it be a phone, tablet or computer
  • You receive electronic copies of the student and lab guides for each course
  • Lab exercises are performed via a dedicated lab machine
  • An instructor is assigned to assist you in completing lab exercises and to help with any questions about the course content
  • Our support team provides you with course selection guidance, personal course setup assistance and technical support
  • There are no registration fees or cancellation fees
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