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Learn more about our IT certificate programs that you can take online and on-demand with personal facilitation

Advisors are available to answer any questions you may have.

On-Demand, self-paced training focused on giving you the skills needed to stand out

Bright Star Institute is committed to providing cost effective paths for students to obtain new skills. Combining online on-demand training with mentored hands-on practice, our students achieve competency at the lowest cost possible. Our task-oriented curriculum is continually updated to provide the greatest return on time investment and provide the greatest possible relevance to real-world tasks.

We focus on the success of each student. Advisors are available to assist students, whether beginner or advanced, with selecting the appropriate courses to achieve their desired certificate. After signing up for a course, our support staff with years of experience in the training industry are available to assist you with any needed software configuration or troubleshooting.

For each course in their program, students are assigned a personal facilitator to assure successful completion and verify solid understanding of the course content. Facilitators have years of experience teaching our course content and are subject matter experts. They are available to you whenever you require assistance with a lab exercise or even if you need just a bit more clarification on a certain course topic. Facilitators also periodically check in with you to make sure you stay on track for course completion.

Bright Star Institute currently offers over a dozen IT certificate programs in a wide range of areas including system administration, software development and business intelligence.

Quality Assurance

  • Personal facilitation assures successful completion of courses.
  • Experienced instructors assure relevant and expert presentations.
  • Comprehensive hands-on labs assure competence.
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