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Bright Star Institute provides the most effective way to obtain new IT skills:

Our Task-Oriented Skill Development assures relevance to real-world software development. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, in 2020 there will be one million more U.S. software jobs than qualified applicants. Choose from the Certificate Programs below to boost your career. Your Curriculum Advisor can also provide assistance with resume creation and locating employment opportunities after successful program completion.

This was my first on-demand streaming course and I was very pleased with the results upon completing. The instructor seemed very knowledgeable and the pace of the courses were good. With on-demand streaming, it was a nice option to just start a module over as a review. For those with busy schedules this would be a great option.
– Bob L., KS

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Certificate Programs

Java Programmer
2-course program: $1,800
Microsoft .NET Developer: C#
5-course program: $4,500 6-course program: $5,400 7-course program: $6,300 8-course program: $7,200 9-course program: $8,100
Master Java Developer
4-course program: $3,600 5-course program: $4,500 6-course program: $5,400
Microsoft .NET Developer: VB.NET
5-course program: $4,500 6-course program: $5,400 7-course program: $6,300 8-course program: $7,200
Mobile Application Developer
2-course program: $1,800 3-course program: $2,700 4-course program: $3,600
SQL Programmer
1-course program: $1,195
Web Developer
5-course program: $4,500 6-course program: $5,400 7-course program: $6,300 8-course program: $7,200 9-course program: $8,100 10-course program: $9,000
SQL Server Administrator
2-course program: $1,800 3-course program: $2,700
Linux System Administrator
2-course program: $1,800
SQL Server Business Intelligence Developer
3-course program: $2,700 4-course program: $3,600
UNIX Software Developer
3-course program: $2,700 4-course program: $3,600
Master SQL Server Developer
5-course program: $4,500
C/C++ Programmer
2-course program: $1,800
Python Programmer
1-course program: $1,195

IT Certificates

IT Certificate Programs

We offer IT certificate programs in a wide range of areas including administration, programming and business intelligence.

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Assisted Guidance Throughout Training

Experienced instructors assure expert presentations and thorough answers to your questions.

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